What we do

Why qualitative research?

To put it simply: it’s the art of conversation.

The dynamic nature of discussion creates energy among people, uncovering fresh insights as they build on each other’s comments and ideas. It also gives us the opportunity to observe, record and interpret body language, intonation and emotions as people discuss their opinions, so we can better understand the motivations and feelings that are driving their decisions.

Qualitative research allows us to probe not just what people think, but why they think it.

Qualitative research allows us to probe not just what people think but why they think it. Groups, one-to-ones and even telephone interviews allow us to explore ideas much more actively than in more structured surveys.

Ultimately it gives us a creative edge, overlaid with the rigour of good research practice and analysis, which generates actionable insight for our clients.

A recent example of how this works in practice can be found on the Financial Conduct Authority’s website. Most of our work is confidential and remains unpublished, but in January 2020 the FCA published the output of research we conducted for them on how consumers view the interest rates offered on easy-access savings.

The report can be found here.

Taking part

Our research expertise

We have an intimate understanding of the financial services sector and how it works from both a customer and a client’s perspective. Our experience is second to none, having conducted research programmes on issues concerning everything from regulation and distribution to product development and branding.

We have researched with everyone from the financially excluded through to industry experts, empathising with the context in which they operate and adapting our approach to suit their financial confidence or technical knowledge.

We specialise in:

Financial products
Simple and complex products, new products, existing products and developments

High and ultra high net worth individuals to the financially excluded, small business owners, corporate executives, financial services and investment professionals including fund managers, analysts, administrators and intermediaries

A wide range of issues including TCF, RDR, and consumer protection

Brands and brand positioning
Trust, customer and peer perceptions, market dynamics and brand relevance as an influence on decision-making

Marketing and communications
Clarity, credibility and the ability to engage audiences