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Impact of Covid-19 in financial wellbeing: Better Debt Advice and COVID-19

17 February 2022 | Finance In the news Research

As part of its UK Strategy for Financial Wellbeing, MaPS asked Strictly Financial to conduct an evidence review exploring the impact of COVID-19 – and the subsequent lockdown measures – on groups already vulnerable to financial shocks and their ability to access debt advice.

The research found that those groups who were more likely to be in financial difficulty prior to the pandemic continued to be disproportionately affected. People from a global majority/ ethnic minority background, and those with physical or mental health disabilities were most disadvantaged compared to the rest of the population.  Young people were also more likely to face financial difficulty during this period than older people.  And while the rapid adoption of new technologies, alongside the greater use of telephone consultations, enabled the majority of debt advice services to be maintained, there were concerns that there remained an unserved population for debt advice due to the closure of in-person services.

The full report – Better Debt Advice and COVID 19 – was published on MaPS’ website together with an overview summary of the Impacts of COVID-19 on Financial Wellbeing.


The relationship between language and financial behaviour

13 July 2019 | Finance

Can the language you speak influence the way you save?

We review at a new theory on savings behaviour from Professor Keith Chen, behavioural economist at UCLA, who has been looking at how speakers of different languages also save differently.

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Pension Freedoms

6 July 2018 | Finance

Pension Freedoms were introduced to much brouhaha in 2014, prompting fears that it could encourage people to raid their pension pots, leaving them with depleted savings in their retirement. Did it? We take a look at what consumers actually did when the new rules came in, and at what this says about the real implications of Pension Freedoms.

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Intergenerational financial planning

5 July 2018 | Finance Research

We were asked by the financial adviser firm Origen to talk to their clients about financial planning across the generations: how they feel about it, what they do about it, what aspirations and concerns they have…and how an adviser can help.

We share our findings on how the older generation views family wealth planning.

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Longitudinal Qualitative Tracking

26 February 2018 | Research

We take a look at how qualitative methods can be used to track changes in attitudes and expectations over time, as well as to gain instant feedback on events and news stories that could have an effect on them.

Qualitative tracking is particularly suitable for exploring changing responses to market developments or attitudes to fixed-period drawn-out events like a general election, a company merger or Brexit negotiations.

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Case Study: Conducting an Online Bulletin Board amongst Advisers

26 February 2018 | Research

Here we take a look at our experience of using an online bulletin board to research a number of proposed advertising executions aimed at advisers. Limitations on sample meant that we were going to struggle to pull together groups of advisers.

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Online qualitative research

3 November 2017 | Finance Research

We share our thoughts on how to use online qualitative approaches – and when and where they are most effective.

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Collaborative proposition development

3 October 2017 | Brands Research

A hot house for idea development and testing to provide rapid turnaround of results when timing is critical.

Strictly Financial’s methological approach helps our clients make informed decisions quickly.

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Developing and Applying Buying Personas

3 October 2017 | Research

We take a look at the emergence of Buying Personas, and the role of research in helping to develop them, as B2B suppliers seek to develop customer models which combine practical and emotional needs with a view to meeting them more effectively.

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The importance of older consumers

1 October 2017 | Research

There is a growing market that represents a third of the UK population.  One which is wealthy, active and has £145bn in disposable income burning a hole in its pockets.  This consumer group will drive consumption growth for the next 20 years.

But this market is ignored by marketeers.  Many brands display little or no interest in understanding them or their needs, or in developing products and services that will appeal.  Why?  Stupidity or ageism?

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What is Behavioural Finance?

3 May 2017 | Finance

An introduction to the concepts and a discussion of how it is relevant to financial services research (first presented at the MRS Financial Services Conference in 2013)

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The changing nature of trust and what it means for brands

24 April 2017 | Research

We take a look at how the models of trust that are so important to the image of big brands are breaking down, and at how they need to rise to the challenge this represents.

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Conducting key account research

3 April 2017 | Research

Increasingly important, but often highly political, conducting key account research is a specialised research skill – here we outline our approach.

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Brexit – In hindsight, who was right?

10 November 2016 | In the news

After all the histrionics of the debate, we look back at the dire warnings and blithe assurances we were given by both sides, and consider some inconvenient truths they forgot to mention…

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Brexit – what, exactly, did people vote for?

4 November 2016 | In the news

Using a blunt instrument to define what kind of Brexit people wanted – discussing the results of a YouGov poll.

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The Money Maze report

27 May 2015 | Research

Are consumers getting the advice they need?  To find out, Strictly Financial was asked to conduct research to inform Which?’s Money Maze report.

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Identifying and researching vulnerable customers

27 May 2014 | Finance

There is growing debate within the financial services industry about vulnerable customers, and the financially vulnerable generally: how best to identify and meet their needs, and how to protect them from buying the wrong products or otherwise being exploited. But who exactly are the financially vulnerable, and what makes a customer vulnerable?

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