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The changing nature of trust

24 April 2017 | Brands

Institutional trust is breaking down in the wake of some very high profile scandals – the financial services crisis, the Panama papers, Volkswagen, FIFA and members of Parliament, to name just a few of the biggest.  Public confidence in major institutions has slumped. At the same time, the digital world is enabling greater personal connectivity,…   Read the full article

Brexit – In hindsight, who was right?

10 November 2016 | In the news

After all the histrionics of the debate, we look back at the dire warnings and blithe assurances we were given by both sides, and consider some inconvenient truths they forgot to mention…

Brexit – what, exactly, did people vote for?

4 November 2016 | In the news

“Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?” A referendum focuses on a single question.  There is just the question.  Unlike a general election, there is no party, manifesto or programme.  This is even more true of Brexit, where there was a lack of consistency of opinion…   Read the full article

The Money Maze report

27 May 2015 | Finance

Are consumers getting the advice they need? Strictly Financial were asked to research into…

Financially Vulnerable Consumers

27 May 2014 | Finance

Identifying and researching vulnerable customers (Part 1) There is growing debate within the financial services industry about vulnerable customers, and the financially vulnerable generally: how best to identify and meet their needs, and how to protect them from buying the wrong products or otherwise being exploited. But who exactly are the financially vulnerable, and what…   Read the full article